Tuesday, February 27, 2007

He did it for Joyce

So UK's Gramophone website breaks the news that William Barrington-Coupe, Joyce Hatto's husband, has confessed faking the recordings of his wife by digitally appropriating other pianists performances. "I did it for my wife," he says. Once a liar...

Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long for someone to be caught in a scheme like this. The technical skills required to pull off a stunt such as this are neither advanced nor exhausting. More than decade ago, I remember I was already manipulating pre-recorded sound files for fun, using an iMac and software that cost about $29.99, More techie friends had been playing with digital sound manipulation for even longer.

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Blogger Will said...

Good morning--
I've been catching up on some of your recent posts and came across mention of a new MACBETH at SFO next year. In it you quote Mr. Runnicles as saying that Doina Dimitriu would be "a voice to remember". She just finished a run in BALLO IN MASCHERA here in Boston, and I fear the conductor's comment will prove to be all too true.

There was hype here in Boston about her La Scala performances under Muti in operas like TRAVIATA. God knows who would want to hear it. Ms Dimitriu should be in the absolute prime of her vocal life right about now; but she's managed to blow the voice out on top, which is reached by heavy scooping and is seemingly able to be produced only in ear-splittingly loud and strident yells. Pitch isn't reliable, either. By the later scenes of Ballo, she was seriously compromising ensembles by drowning out those who actually could sing, who knew how to support with the breath, and who could approach the top with some control. She also proved to be a stolid, uninteresting actress.

The pity of it is, as I mentioned to the director of the opera company here that I design for, that in the middle you can hear what should have been a sumptuous Verdi soprano literally screaming to be let out. Very sad. I hope she's in [much] better shape when she gets out there with you.

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