Monday, August 30, 2004

Salzburg's new head

I was just informed that Jürgen Flimm was appointed today
to the top post of the Salzburg Festival, suceeding current
director Peter Ruzicka. His contract beging in Oct. 1 2006,
and runs thru Sept. 30, 2011.

Chosen unanimously by the Festival's Board of Directors,
Flimm also requested to have Peter Schmidl appointed
director of concerts at Salzburg, which the Board complied.
(Schmidl is currently the director of the Vienna Philharmonic
and the Pacific Music Festival.)

Seems like a good choice on paper. Jürgen Flimm scored a
great triumph at the MET last season, with an incendiary
production of Salome starring Karita Mattila, which apparently
everyone in the planet has seen except me. Flimm shouldl hold
up well the tradition of contemporary and concept productions
at Salzburg, though his rather middle-of-the-road approach
is much less threatening than Jossi Wieler and Sergio Morabito.

The announcement I received from the Salzburg Festival's
American representation also says that, before he resigns
from his post, Ruzicka plans to present all of Mozart's 22
operas and oratorios for the 2006 Festival, in observance of
Mozart's sestercentennial (250th) birthday.

In any case, doesn't concern me much. With the exchange rates
for the Euro at such peak levels against the dollar, it'll be a
long time before I make it to Salzburg.


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